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Feel Virtual Reality With The Revolutionary Hardlight VR Suit

Hardlight is the most revolutionary product in the field of virtual reality till date. We seriously doubt anything more accurate will ever be developed. It is a lightweight VR Suit designed very simply. It has adjustable straps that let it be compatible to people of all shapes and sizes. It is comfortable and sweat-proof.

Hardlight is the first of its kind product. It is a fully-immersive haptic feedback suit for virtual reality that has been developed after years of research, experimenting and manufacturing.

Hardlight has 16 individually controlled haptic feedback zones with sensors and vibration nodes. Each group of muscles has its own haptic zone including your chest, abdomen, shoulders, and arms. Its tracking system augments the built in tracking systems of headsets and uses inertial trackers to track the limbs relative to the headset. This allows for relative-point tracking given a global truth.

It allows the user to feel various interactions with their virtual environment such as sword or bullet impact, rumble of an earthquake, pirates hitting the deck, subtle vibration of the VR sexual encounter, patter of rainfall etc.

“The whole point of VR in gaming is to make the experience more immersive and interactive, and Hardlight does exactly that,” said Nullspace VR’s Founder and CEO Morgan Sinko.

Hardlight works well with VR systems and standard PC games. It already has 15 built in games and more are being developed at its headquarters. You can also add as many games to your VR Suit.

Sinko said, “While it’s been great to see VR devs enjoying the suit, we’ve really wanted to open the platform up to the consumer. We’ve always envisioned the Hardlight Suit being in people’s homes, and we’re so excited to make that a reality. When it came time to figure out the best way to do that, a Kickstarter campaign made the most sense.” Hence the product is up on Kickstarter and will be delivered in September 2017.

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