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FaceBook Smart Glasses Specs & Features

Here’s all about the new FaceBook Smart Glasses Specs & Features. Launched only last week by Facebook and Rayban partnership, these smart glasses have now joined the bandwagon in an already saturated market of smart and audio glasses.

FaceBook Smart Glasses At A Glance:

  •  Ray-Ban’s classic frame style Wayfarer.
  • Capable of taking photos and video
  • Capable of answering phone calls
  • Capable of providing audio sounds
  • Supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Gives six hours of continuous use
  • Price $299.99

FaceBook Smart Glasses Specs & Features

The FaceBook Smart Glasses are called Ray-Ban Stories and they have already taken social media on the storm. While they do not support Artificial Intelligence, something they will focus on on their next gadget, they do provide a complete audio listening and video-taking device.

With an elegant design frame, that of Ray-ban’s classic Wayfarer, the Ray-ban is a chic-looking pair of glasses. Comes with a dual 5-megapixel camera sensor and embedded Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi to synchronize with a smartphone. Moreover, it has a battery sufficient to store 500 pictures at a time. The user can click a simple button on the side and take a photo or capture a video. The touch area on the right side of the frame controls music, calls, and a Facebook voice assistant. Only with a simple swipe, the user can adjust volume or play, pause or skip music.

Facebook smart glasses will also need a user’s login credentials and the user will be able to share all photos and videos he captured via them, on Facebook.

Facebook glasses Rayban

These smart glasses are not a stand-alone product. Audio files are streamed to the glasses from an iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth. Facebook requires the use of an iPhone or Android app called Facebook View, which manages and sets up the glasses. When the user snaps a photo, he will view that as a media file in a section of the app. A user can download the photo for editing if he requires it.

Facebook glasses Rayban


Ray-Ban Stories also include in them embedded earbuds! Let’s see how they perform in the market since many consumers already have earbuds and might not consider this very important feature to be there for them. To be launched in different parts across the globe, these smart glasses come enclosed in a charging case. Totally not waterproof at all, so remember to protect them from any accidental spills on your worktable.

With a switch on one side, the user can activate or deactivate the snap-taking feature. It flashes an LED light on the front so people around you may know that they are being pictured or recorded.  While in moderate use, these smart glasses will give six hours of continuous performance. They are priced at around $299.99.

That’s almost all we know about FaceBook Smart Glasses Specs & Features so far. We will inform you more about the specs and features as we get to know about them.


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