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Facebook Meta Smartwatch Specs and Availability

Here’s what we know about Facebook Meta Smartwatch Specs and Availability. Recently, the mega-giant Facebook announced that it has changed the company’s name to Meta. This is their strategy to combine all of the company’s apps in one place. Meanwhile, according to Bloomberg, in their app for Rayban Stories, an image of an upcoming smartwatch was detected.

The image shows a gadget with a camera notch, something that would be able to capture images directly. That’s something innovative alright! A camera notch at the bottom of the square-shaped screen display seems an interesting addition to the normal smartwatch interface.

Not many details have been officially given till now, especially about its hardware specifications. But according to Bloomberg, the watch will come with detachable wristbands and a button on the case. The embedded camera might be able to enable video conferencing apps on the watch. This is a totally unique feature particular to this smartwatch, something that none of Apple or Samsung watches contain.

The display screen has rounded corners with a camera notch at the bottom and is a little bigger in size than the usual screens. Comes in stainless steel casing and can allow the capture of photos and videos. Also, you can download them on your phone if you want to.

Expected to come in the first quarter of the year 2022, the watch will be the first of its kind. It will support both iOS and Android phones. Already, Facebook is really busy with their work on three generations of products that are already in line to come in the markets. As soon as we get more details related to Facebook Meta Smartwatch Specs and Availability,  we will surely update our readers.


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