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EyeQue: Test Your Vision On The Go with These Smart Glasses

EyeQue has launched a pair of glasses at Consumer Electronics Show 2020. These spectacles help the users in testing their eyesight before undergoing any expensive tests.

Last year, EyeQue launched VisionCheck which left a lot of us surprised. This smart device helped the users in tracking any kind of variations in their eyesight one the go. The accuracy and precision of this smart device is rather surpassing as it provides more thorough data in some features as compared to an eye doctor. The results taken from this smart device were tremendously accurate as well.

“Our mission is to make vision screening and correction easy and accessible to everyone,” said John Serri, “Our at-home refraction tests empower consumers to use the results to order new glasses without having to leave home. This new offering of Try-On Glasses gives our customers a fast, affordable way to know exactly how well new glasses purchased using their EyeGlass Numbers will perform for them.” He is the president as well as the cofounder of EyeQue.

EyeQue now offers EyeQue Try-On Glasses as well which enables the EyeQue products to order less costly spectacles based on the number provided by their EyeGlass and Pupillary Distance.

A retro rounded frame made of metal and flexible hinges give these Try-On Glasses a classic look. CR-39 lenses are used in these glasses which are shatter resistant.

EyeQue Try-On Glasses will start rolling out in the market by Feburary of 2020 this year but the shipments would be limited as only a handful number of units are being manufactured so far. The product will be available on EyeQue’s official website. Complete roll out can be expected by some time around April of this year. Consumers who are interested in taking advantage of vision solutions  from EyeQue at a discounted price can do so by using CES2020 as promo code.

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