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EyeForcer – Wearable Tech that Monitors Kids’ Posture


Posture is one of the fundamental things when it comes to muscle activity and fatigue. However, a minute strain can lead to very serious problems. And, for sports professionals and athletes, even a minute injury can lead to serious consequences. One of the major reason which leads to posture related problems is the excessive use of gadgets and Smartphones for a long time with bowed neck or slouched body.

EyeForcer - Wearable Tech that Monitors Kids' Posture

What’s more is that Smartphones have become a part of everyone’s life and children, predominantly. This is the reason the Eyeforcer wants to make sitting and slouching easier for everyone. The EyeForcer is Smartglasses without lenses or a complete frame. A wonder kind of wearable! Nonetheless, the glasses are meant for Kids only but this kind of technology can pair perfectly with everyone.

The Smart wearable is meant to detect the possible position of the head of the wearable. The glasses are connected to the Smartphone or any other gadget used by the wearer. As soon as the posture of the wearer goes wrong or their head bobs, the screen of the gadget goes off!

EyeForcer - Wearable Tech that Monitors Kids' Posture

The Eyeforcer also gives you an option of turning on the warning mode. It means that if you want to use the device for yourself and not your kid, you can switch to the mode and the wearable will only warn you when the position of your head is not correct. This mode is better than completely shutting off your gadget as it continuously warns you regarding your sitting method rather than totally cutting you off from what you are doing.

EyeForcer may not be a new kind of a wearable or a revolutionary device in the wearable world but it has its own benefits. You may consider as the first device to focus particularly on the kids. Workout enthusiasts and athletes can also use it during their training sessions and it will tell them when they improperly glanced on their mobile during some activity.

EyeForcer - Wearable Tech that Monitors Kids' Posture
How To Use EyeForcer

EyeForcer is currently up on Kickstarter with the discounted price of $120. With 25 days to do, the device is slowly moving towards its goal. There is also a classroom package which can be considered for group teachings and even schools. This sort of technology should be adopted by the schools for their children as it only benefits them and there is no harm in developing positive and healthy habits among children.

The EyeForcer is expected to begin shipping in November 2016. You can back the product from here.