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Everything to Know About New Feature for Blood Pressure in Galaxy Watch Active


Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Watch Active only a few weeks back and this wrist watch is anything but. It comes quipped with a lot of very interesting and high end features and specifications. One of these features is the Blood pressure tracker that monitors and collects data about the wearer’s blood pressure.

Although this is not the first smartwatch to do so as Omron’s HeartGuide introduced a same kind of feature a few months back. Omron has around 80 patents filed to design this tracker and most of them deal with the components with miniaturizing. HeartGuide carries a cuff in its band that inflates to take up readings for the watch.

Samsung’s blood pressure sensor on the other hand uses optical sensors which brings it into a league of it own. Although it is an experimental feature so far and can’t be accessed by default, it still is the pioneer of this feature. Enabled in five countries across the world initially which include Australia in Oceana, Singapore in Asia, Germany and United Kingdom in Europe and United States and Canada in Americas.

As mentioned above, blood pressure tracking app doesn’t come built-in into smartphones and smartwatches. Instead it comes as an option like a research application that can be downloaded by choice of the user.

Samsung S9, Samsung S9+ and Samsung S10 got an early access to this app. This application called My BP LAB can be downloaded by the users through Google’s Play Store on these devices. Nitially the application had around 2.7 stars out of 5 on Play Store. This may be because there are a certain things that need to be taken are of very precisely in order to take the measurements like covering the optical sensors properly and for a certain amount of time. Optical sensors of these devices may not be efficient enough but the smartwatch was made considering all this and it is really expected to deliver better results.