Even the Skis Are Getting Smart


Gone are the days when sports equipment weren’t smart enough. From baseball bats to tennis rackets smartness is being integrated into so many sports equipment. Now is the time to experience “smart ski.”

Ski maker Rossignol and French sports wearables company PiQ is all set to create the world’s first smart ski.

This device is undoubtedly futuristic and a prototype. It has the PiQ’s ultra-high performance sensor PiQ ROBOT and LED readout integrated in it. Its nano-computer runs on PiQ’s Group of Artificial Intelligence Applications’ Artificial Intelligence system. It can collect and analyze, in real-time, approx. 195,000 data points/min, as reported by the creators. The system is capable of identifying even the microscopic variations in the skiing movements. The skis can analyze your runs, turn angle, transition time, G-Force, jump height, lateral rotation and air time.

All stats are visible on the LED readout for the skier to visualize them immediately and take prompt actions to enhance his performance. However, it is essential for the skier to not be distracted by continuous stats and data.

PiQ hasn’t revealed many details as for now. The product isn’t available for consumers yet. The World’s First Smart Ski will be launched in the ISPO 2017 to be held in the mid of this year in Munich.