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Eradicate Airborne Viruses and Germs around You with Ruckubot

Harmful germs, bacteria and viruses surround us no matter where we go. These microscopic organisms can be a cause of a huge number of problems for us ranging from colds and rashes to even allergies. Place like hotel rooms and restaurants can be house an alarmingly large number of these tiny beings. But how do we fight them?

Rockubot can be the answer to this question. It a small robot that can easily fit inside your pocket. It rolls on the floor (or any other surface) and eliminates all kinds of bacteria, mites and germs with it ultrasonic and Ultraviolet-C light technology. As claimed by its kickstarter page, Rockubot can eradicate up to 99.99% of the bacteria in its path all in a matter of few seconds.

It is a lightweight and easily accessible device. All you need to do is switch it on see it go. Although your hotel room bed would be a good place to start. Just place the Rockubot on your bed after turning it on and see it sanitize the entire bed in no time. After you are done with your bed, your blanket should definitely be the next item on your list.

Ultraviolet-C is an environment friendly, toxin free technique of killing the germs, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms around you or stopping them from increasing in number. UV-C technology works side by side along with another very effective method of sanitization called Ultrasonic Waves. Ultrasonic Waves attacks mites and gets rid of them with sound waves of frequency higher than 20 kHz making these wave impossible to hear for human beings.

This bot is designed with high level of precision and craftsman ship and it incorporates many sensors which stop it from bumping into obstacles or falling down from the edges making the navigation easy.

Production of these bots are in its final stages and if everything goes according to the plan, you could have your own Rockubot for $119 only by this November.

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