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Equimètre Can Help The Racehorses Against Fatal Injuries

Equimetre Can Help The Racehorses Against Fatal Injuries

Horse riding and races may not be the most common sports you have heard of, but it is no doubt one of the most luxurious and fun games around the world. But, it is a dangerous sport and according to statistics on paper, more than 150 of the UK’s 14,000 or so racehorses are killed and thousands more are injured.

However, in this fast-paced tech world, a wearable device that is capable of monitoring the physical activeness and health of the racehorse could be capable of saving it. And, this is where Equimètre becomes a hero and saves the horses. Most of the deaths are caused by over-exertion during a race or fractures that result in a horse being put down.

Developed by a startup called Arioneo based in Paris, France, Equimètre prevents serious injuries and reduces the rate of death. The device also helps the horse trainers to hone the horse’s performance. Equimètre’s basic sensor fits into the girth. The girth is basically a strap around a middle part of the horse which keeps the saddle in a place.

Equimètre Can Help The Racehorses Against Fatal Injuries

Equimètre will record the physiological data of the horse like respiratory rate, heart rate, and temperature. It also gives the trainers the information about the accurate movements of the horse such as their speed during the race track and the acceleration exerted. The sensor also monitors the other environmental conditions which can be a factor leading to serious problems like the humidity and external temperature etc. After all the data is recorded, the trainer can view the data via a connected app instantly.

Arioneo’s co-founder Valentin Rapin stated;

“A trainer’s eye is very important and we do not want to replace their expertise but this tool will give trainers information they don’t have today.”

There are many other smart devices available which can track the performance and data of the racehorse. But, Equimètre runs the stats through algorithms that compare them with past performances.

Equimètre Can Help The Racehorses Against Fatal Injuries

Rapin also stated that the device is capable of preventing over-training. It means that not only the sensor shows the increase in the heart rate of the horse but it simplifies the objective by telling the trainer what it means for that particular horse in those particular conditions. He also announced that the device can also help the trainers to find out the injuries anywhere in the body. Rapin and his colleagues plan to launch the Equimètre in early 2017.

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