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Ensuring the Wellbeing of Users of Health Applications Has Become a Rising Concern of Public

Health Applications in Smartphones have seen a big growth in numbers in last few years but their use and the level of safety offered by them has become a question of debate in recent times.

Everyone is interested in keeping a track of their daily progress in terms of activity and fitness. Mobile phone and wearables have become an easy tool to perform this task of gathering fitness and health related information for you and keeping you aware of where you stand. Smartphone health applications are the media through which this data is compiled and delivered to you and the level of accuracy in this compilation has raised some questions from the reviewers.

Smartphone applications are present in abundance on both Android and iOS alike which let ypu set your goals and keep an eye on your progress to get that motivation. These applications can sometimes also spit out new ideas and monitor the balance in your diet. But is it wise to put your complete trust on these applications.

A research studied this matter thoroughly with a purpose of summarising the literature regarding this issue in last few years.

“Health apps may have significant potential to improve population health,” Author of the study wrote “However, to ensure that this potential is met, it is important that apps are safe, effective, and reliable.” He added on.

Blue Touchscreen Smart phones with colorful medical application icons

This study was successful in unearthing around 80 concerns of safety. Out of these 80 concerns, around 60 were related to the inaccuracy in the information being reported. Incorrect outputs, faulty data, incomplete information are some of the examples of it. Other safety concern highlighted the faults in softwares and their workings. There were some applications which worked only when smartphones had their screens turned on.

Obviously these applications can be good to keep an eye on your performance generally but in no way this technology is ready to replace any kinds of professional help.

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