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Remove Chronic Pain With Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology


Quell is the most interesting pain relieving wearable designed till yet. The wearable taps into the natural pain control system of your body to lessen or end the cramps, users were feeling. The device is worn below the knee and is activated by clicking a simple button.

What makes the system to work or what happens due to which you are relieved from the pain? Quell’s OptiTherapy electrode-driven technology is the solution of all your problems. This technology utilizes non-invasive nerve stimulation to stop the pain.

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Quell is capable of relieving a variety of different pains. The wearable will be able to ease arthritis pain, chronic pain, nerve pain, back pain and leg and foot pain etc.

Users have to go through a brief calibration process, before using the wearable for the very first time. The calibration process is helpful in adjusting the intensity of the therapy and makes sure that the amount of pain relieving stress is normal. After calibration, there is a 60 minutes therapy session during which users can increase or decrease the intensity as per their choice.

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Quell’s website has stated that;

“67% of Quell users reported a reduction in their use of pain medication”.

It is noted that most of the users are relieved the very first day, but some people with chronic pain may take several weeks to relax. Quell device should be used several hours throughout the day with proper calibration for optimal results.

What’s more is that “Quell” is the first wearable of the pain-relieving kind to be approved by FDA to be used during sleep. The device has an accelerometer which will detect when you are sleep and will adjust to the therapy. The device will be able to work for 40 hours in a single charge. It can be paired with any iOS device to track the therapy.

Quell is available for $249.00. The replacement electrodes will cost you $30 and will last for two weeks.  You can order the device from here.

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