ELF emmit: A Wearable for the Optimized Self

The only wearable using cutting-edge neuroscience to guide the natural frequencies & rhythms of your mind.


Wearables have been using Zapping technology to take a peek and gauge what’s happening with you. Although the technology is not trusted but some devices have used it in a very appreciable way. The Elf Emmit is the latest to stand in such line. The wearable has just entered into the Indiegogo crowdfunding phase.

ELF emmit: A Wearable for the Optimized Self

The Elf Emmit is a headband which uses low-frequency pulses in order to force your brainwaves to change. The change in the waves helps the users to sleep comfortably, work harder and to cope with everyday life stress. The headband has an electromagnetic coil which is wrapped around the back of the head. The position is essential because from this point the device can send the electromagnetic pulses right at your cerebellum. The Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation (or PEMS) is FDA approved. It helps you go back to the task at hand instead of focusing your energies towards some other things. Like it manages you to sleep regardless that you are over stressed.

The Elf Emmit has five different setting based on the moods of the users. These settings are specifically meant to help the wearers sleep well, concentrate hard, meditate peacefully and manage their stress levels.

ELF emmit: A Wearable for the Optimized Self

The electromagnetic waves which will zap the brain are harmless and will only change the brainwaves, nothing more, nothing less! The Elf Emmit is not powered by batteries and it plugs into your Smartphone or tablet into the headphone socket. With the help of an iOS and Android app, the users can set the signal frequencies. Moreover, the headband is made of durable polycarbonate so there are no chances of breakage being involved. It is just 20 grams so it is also not heavy at all.

Currently, Elf Emmit will cost you $100 on Indiegogo. However, the price will shoot once the campaign is over. The headband is expected to ship in September.


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