Elevation Training Mask Helps Endurance Athletes In Respiratory Muscle Training


Sports Technology is at its peak. More and more players are adopting different yet novel technologies to improve their statistics and games. New devices available out there are capable of changing the athletes’ workout and training. Due to this, the Elevation Training Mask has become the talk out of the town. The Training Mask 2.0 has been developed by Training Mask, LLC.

Elevation Training Mask Helps Endurance Athletes

Athletes and players are now confident that they will be able to handle the situations where they will be able to increase the production of the red blood cell. The increase in red blood cells leads to the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.

The function of the Elevation Training Mask is that it limits the air flow between the nostrils and mouth. The limit of the flow simulates the effect of training at high altitudes. Different popular studies have suggested that increase in oxygen-carrying capacity improves the endurance performance in athletes and VO2max (maximal oxygen uptake).

Elevation Training Mask Helps Endurance Athletes

Therefore, the addition of such capabilities into a simple training mask makes it easier for the athletes to prepare for the high altitude games. Thus, it is apparently obvious that the benefits of Elevation Training Mask are endless for intense training regiments.

The training mask has managed to capture the importance of aerobic and endurance enhancement in its structure. The mask has different sizes of flux valves and openings. All the openings are easily adjusted in different simulated effects of elevations. The simulated altitude can be set to elevations ranging from 3,000 to 18,000 feet.

Elevation Training Mask Helps Endurance Athletes

The Elevation Training Mask may not be perfect when it comes to emulating the actual change in elevation for the users. This remains to be seen after mass athletes use it in different extreme conditions. However, the mask can be helpful in training the athletes to increase their stamina and endurance from exercising with it and use it as more of a respiratory muscle training device. It remains to be seen how long the company will take to make it a solid reality and a proper device for endurance athletes.