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ECHO Smart Patch – Your real-time sweat analysis

Kenzen’s award winning ECHO Smart Patch combines the depth of lab based diagnostics with convenience of real-time data from a wearable device in order to improve performance and health.

This ECHO Smart Patch is a small flexible patch which helps you in understanding your physiology, measuring around the clock, receiving personalized health notifications and insights to help improve recovery, performance and in prevention of injury. ECHO is based on groundbreaking technology developed for medical research. By combining various sensor technologies and algorithms. ECHO Smart Patch provides real time feedback on performance motion and vitals. ECHO’s patch sensors analyze critical biomarkers, like potassium and sodium, all from a single bead of sweat. Individually sealed sensors are comfortable, flexible and ready whenever you need them.

Everyone sweats and it is an essential function of a healthy body. Regardless of your sweating rate and volume, ECHO Smart Patch needs the smallest micro-bead to perform analysis of key biomarkers. Apart from water, sweat contains electrolytes like metabolites, glucose, sodium, proteins and various molecules. Using flexible ECHO Smart Patch, a pain free accurate analysis is done in order to help you in understanding your health. The patch disappears under your clothing by sticking directly to your torso. This location is known for highly accurate and reliable analysis of vital signs and sweat, it also has a digital signal processor detecting true body motion. Unlike other fitness trackers that tell you what you have already done, Kenzen focuses on revealing your current state of performance and health. This mobile app gives you the most important insights using at-a-glance reports.

Apart from monitoring and analyzing the components of sweat, it has some other great applications as well. These application includes, injury prevention, health and wellness. Various people are unaware of the effect of changing conditions on hydration and of the effect of hydration on performance. Then is when this patch comes into play.


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