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E-Senses Helios Smart Ring – Your Vitamin D Coach

The concept of E-Senses Helios Smart Ring emerged in August 2015. Vitamin D deficiency prevailing among various people around the world, became a driving force behind this product. Vitamin D could help you improving your immune system, strengthening bones, teeth, muscles and it also has anti-cancer effects. Helios Smart Ring by E-Senses features three smart coaches to monitor and coach levels of Vitamin D in the body. Apart from that, it also monitors sunlight, daylight intake and exposure.

Marina Nikeschina, being the founder of this device, came up with the idea of tracking actual amount of Vitamin D which is retrieved from the sun. It is a useful and original smart ring that looks at health, tech and fashion in an authentic way that could actually benefit many people.

Although Vitamin D is very sufficient but you don’t have to get sunburned or get any other negative effects from UV radiation, therefore this device works in two ways. Helios Smart Ring has a built-in buffer, that way you have a personal sun protection around your finger. There is also a daylight coach which motivates you to reach the minimum amount of daylight every day. Daylight has a lot of benefits and it improves the quality of your sleep, increasing your efficacy and concentration.


The Helios Smart Ring has a high-accuracy UV sensor and a lux sensor that does all the tracking regarding sunlight and daylight. It is available for Android, iOS and it could be connected to your phone through Bluetooth 4.0.

A ring was chosen to have all these features because it’d be always exposed to daylight and you can wear it all the time. There is also an overview per week, month and year for coach, through which you can calculate how many hours you spent safe or unsafe in the sun. It is currently at working prototype stage and will be launched in April or May.

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