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DuoTrac – Swing & Weight Shift Analyser For Golf


DuoTrac is a Multi-Point, Motion Sensor and Free Mobile App that tracks and improves swing, weight shift and transition performance of all the golfers. There are special Quad Sensors that Quadruples the accuracy of single sensors and give weight shift and power transition data to complete a 4D snapshot of your swing.

The sensors collect all information and golf statistics, analyze them completely and send the data to your Smartphone, when connected. The sensors automatically connect to the Smartphone every time you practice. The connected App is easy-to-use and makes training fun and swift. DuoTrac eliminates the guesswork to deliver effective coaching feedback for every swing. Get complete with 4D.

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DuoTrac helps you in eliminating all the wrong postures and habits of golfing. The wearable sensor supplies you with all the information and metrics at every important position. It also provides you with different training tips so you know which posture is the most effective.

Basic Features Of DuoTrac

The constant data helps create awareness around swing consistency and bring attention to errors in a swing before practiced and conditioned with the wrong techniques. With DuoTrac, a golfer can immediately identify weak points in advance, subsequently reducing wasteful training.

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The DuoTrac sensor is available for pre-order from the company’s website for $ 129.00. You get a pack of 4 Sensors (2 Club & 2 Hip Sensors), a USB Charger Cable and a free iOS or Android app.


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