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DUO – The First Wearable to Track Oxygen and Heart Rate


Wearable tech is taking fast strides towards success. It’s high time we see some more advent and promotion of the technology along with impressive advancements. For the first time, a wearable has appeared that will be able to measure your heart rate and blood oxygen levels without being attached to a strap on your chest or your fingers.

DUO is the wearable we are talking about and it calculates all your vital stats. The DUO gives you highly accurate readings of both your heart rate and your blood oxygen levels so you can know exactly how your workout is going and how your vital signs trend throughout the day. With the help of patented SafeSAT™ optical pulse-oximeter technology, DUO delivers accurate readings no matter what the activity is. From running, weightlifting, sports, to everyday tasks, it is important to know how your movement progresses throughout the day.

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DUO claims to be the most reliable activity tracker available. It gives you accurate up to the minute blood oxygen readings. Thus, you can enhance your strength, increase your endurance and stay fit like professional athletes.

What’s more is that apart from calculating your oxygen levels and heart stats all day long, it analyzes you sleep too. When you are deep in your slumber, DUO monitors your heart rate, oxygen level levels and determines the deep and light sleep you got throughout the night. Are you potentially experiencing phases of Sleep Apnea? The DUO will alert you through its blood oxygen monitoring technology.

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When you have had enough sleep, DUO will gently wake you up at your preselected time by vibrating on your wrist the morning, DUO also notifies you regarding the amount of deep and light sleep you got throughout the night and your overall sleep quality so you can know exactly the sleep you are getting.

Apart from the monitoring, DUO also keeps you updated with incoming texts, calls, and reminders. All the notifications are activities are reached with the help of connection to your Smartphone. DUO allows you to silence incoming notifications so that you can focus on just fitness and see how your day stacked up compared to your fitness pals.

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DUO seems to be the most promising fitness wearable for athletes, sports professionals and all. Apart from your regular health monitoring, it helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. The project is currently up on Kickstarter with the goal of $250,000. With 34 backers, the campaign has collected $4,020 only. There are still 28 days to go, so if you want to be an owner of this wonder product than back it now. The shipment is expected to begin by December, 2016.

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