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Drones & Sensors To Enhance The ICC Champions Trophy Experience

Intel technologies, the official innovation partner of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017, brings you Intel Falcon 8 Drone. As an avid cricket fan I must tell you Intel Falcon Drone 8 is the best innovative idea in the field of sports. It is a genius idea powered by Intel technologies. A wonderful amalgamation of sports and technology.  Falcon 8 will enable the die-hard cricket fans to analyze every ball the batsman hits more accurately at the ICC Champions Trophy, starting from June 1.

Equipped with HD and infrared cameras, this drone whose new and innovative design will be used for analyzing the pitch prior to every match. Every image that is captured by the Falcon 8 will provide eccentric graphical data  giving details about the pitch conditions. The drone can visualise grass cover, condition and type of the grass, and so on. The data provided by the drone will enable to create daily pitch reports.



Along with the drone Intel technologies have also created a bat sensor which is powered by the Intel Curie technology which can be fixed on the top of the any bat, and that sensor will let us extract data about the player’sbat velocity, back-lift, as well as follow through.

This invention will revolutionise the way die hard fans and sportmen experience sports. By broadcasting every stroke that the batsman play will bring cricket to a whole new level. Since each stroke of the batsman is being recorded, it can later be analyzed by the player to check out his shortcomings and figure out a way to play more effectively.

Intel also plans to introduce VR experience zones at The Oval and Edgbaston so that the criket fans can see how it feels to face a virtual bowler. This invention will be extremely helful for coaches and passionate self-taught cricketers. They can use the sensor to track and improvise their batting techniques.


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