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Drim Drum: The Optimum Posture Corrector


Normally people spend 7 to 4 hours a day in front of screens. Not only for professionally purposes but also to relax. The fact that half of them have back pains or at least leg cramps because of sitting in same or incorrect position for too long shouldn’t be surprising at all.

Drim Drum was created for most of you who are surely sitting like a contortionist even at this moment reading this article.

Even though you are a sportsman or a gym goer at least, do you think that spine of yours in happy with that? For example, crunches. Most of us don’t know that crunches can be dangerous if done wrong.

Poor posture results from bad habits caused by crunches

While doing crunches, our spines are “flatten” to the ground as it is taught to us. As a result, natural curves get disrupted due to its reinforced conditioning.

But curves in our spine are there for a purpose

Discs are pushed backwards with reorienting angles of vertebral bodies. Results are pretty looking but not necessarily good to feel. As stronger abs lead to a stronger bad posture normally.

So it is important to have spine support and genuine back curves for core training of any type. Drim Drum has made it possible to exercise effectively and safely.

Creation of an experienced physiotherapist

Roman Wojcinowicz, Creator of Drim Drum, says he has met a number of people who have spine problems. From people who had slight pain to those who needed help to even move. He tried every method there

was to keep his patients from serious conditions but couldn’t find anything that was perfectly efficient, safe and productive. So he dedicated his leisure time in creating a device that could be simple as well as unparalleled in solving this back pain problem.

After cautious and detailed testing of several months and asking for advices from many physicians and personal trainers, he introduced this invention for his patients. Results we unbelievable; Everyone confirmed to feel relaxed and better even after only one session of using Drim Drum.

We choose light and nutritious food for the nourishment of our body, or for the protection of our skin and to feed our brain. But what about spine?

Exercising regularly enables proper posture and only 2 minutes use of Drim Drum in a day can make you feel better.


Exercises with Drim Drum

  • Loosen up the muscles of lower back
  • Refine intervertebral discs and spinal joints
  • Strengthen internal and external abdominal muscles

Improve Posture

Body “remembers” the position you spend your most time in because of its musculo-nervous memory and keeps returning to it. Drim Drum kills this effect and makes us stand straight with our spine in its natural curvature.

User Friendly

Drim Drum only takes 2 MINUTES and gives you required outcome. Group-specific training of muscles is the secret to it. Because quality of workout matters more than the time spent on it.

We suggest you to have a look at our video tutorials to make sure that you are following the right technique. Its called the 2DD training because it has 2 exercises and each of them is only one-minute long.

Regular exercising on daily basis will enable us to enjoy your health. Because we all prefer prevention over cure.

6DD Program

6DD program is composed of 6 different exercises divided on three levels of advance, Intermediate and novice. Adjust the intensity and the amount of time according to your physical condition. And you don’t need to worry about how you do it in terms of technique or the number of sets and reps.