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Doppel Is A Psychophysiology Wearable To Calm Your Pulse

Doppel by the team, Turquoise is a new wave of wearable technology. The device is a new start to a completely different era of the wearable world. It is not a fitness tracker or Smartwatch or some piece of activity tracking jewelry, rather it is a psychophysiology wearable. Does it sound gibberish to you? Let’s tell you what Doppel actually is.

The wearable basically influences people to how they are feeling or how they want to feel. With the help of haptic feedback or tactile rhythm, the device has the capability to alter your feelings. Consider Doppel as a silent version of the mood-influencing music of different rhythms. The device will tap your wrist on the pace you have selected. The device will be worn with its face inside so the ‘haptic beat’s is felt on the inner wrist.

Doppel Is A Psychophysiology Wearable To Calm Your Pulse

Co-founder Jack Hooper has stated that;

“Doppel harnesses your body’s natural response to rhythm similarly to upbeat or downbeat music, but it’s a pulse you feel on your wrist rather than one you hear. It can be used to keep you going through a really long meeting, help you stay calm during a presentation or wind down at the end of the day. It gives people more control over how they feel.”

The technology is a complete genius. You can use it in your hectic routines to claim yourself or brush off the tension and pressure of everyday life. There is a compatible Doppel app from where the users can connect the device to their resting heart data. After you setup the software, the hardware controls the rest of the functioning. You can either opt for a strong beat or choose to intensify it. You can even stroke the face of the device to slow and calm things down.

Doppel Is A Psychophysiology Wearable To Calm Your Pulse

Hooper further distinguished Doppel from the music by stating;

“Our step was to use a tactile rhythm, rather than an audio or visual one. We have successfully tested it with hundreds of people both in controlled tests and in real world scenarios for improving focus and alertness, staying calm when nervous, for cadence while running and to wind down before going to sleep.”

Doppel is really beneficial for sports professionals and athletes. They can easily calm their nerves before games so that they can cheerfully play and enjoy their team on the field. The technology is basically here to keep us fit and healthy but it has another dimension which can seriously be utilized by the sports athletes. You now won’t have to look for other ways to keep your control; Doppel is here to help you.

The product can be pre-ordered for £99.00 in white and black color options.

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