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dokiWatch Is The Most Advanced And Fun Smartwatch For Kids

Kids, nowadays, have everything we still dream to have now. From PlayStations to Xbox, Tablets and Smartphones, the little ones have all to stay connected with the modern world. The only gadget, most probably, kids didn’t have was the Smartwatch and they are ready to have one now too!

A Kickstarter and Indiegogo based crowdfunding campaign has launched a new Android Smartwatch called dokiWatch for kids. The Smartwatch has been specially designed with keeping kids in mind. The watch comes with number of stunning features even big Smartwatches don’t have. The Smartwatch comes in various vivid, fun and lovely colors with customizable bands.

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dokiWatch Is The Most Advanced And Fun Smartwatch For Kids

dokiWatch has a durable TPE body. It means that few falls will do no harm to the watch. The Smartwatch supports features like fitness tracking, location tracking, voice calling, parental controls, games and even SOS alerts in case of emergency. There is even a dokiPet, which is kids’ very own virtual pet and it resides, all the time, inside the watch. Isn’t dokiWatch fun?

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The dokiWatch is also 3G-connected with GPS for safe tracking. Parents can also create “AlertAreas” that will send notifications when a child leaves or enters specific locations. The watch is controlled by an app on the parent’s cellphone which will be available on both iOS and Android. The dokiWatch will be available in yellow, pink, blue, or grey colors.

After successfully bashing all its goals on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, dokiWatch is expected to reach backers by July, 2016. The retail price of the Smartwatch would be $179 upon its release. So, parents buckle up to grab this Super fun Smartwatch for your kids!

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