Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Does Garmin Have An Edge Over Apple in Wearables Industry

Competing with Apple is not easy as to do so, you need to see your product to all portions of the industry from the pilots of the military to anglers. This is what CEO of Garmin believes at least. Garmin has made its name over the tech industry as the giants of fitness wearables and accessories industry. Shares of Garmin ascended over 25% in this market since the start of this year. On the other hand, its rival FitBit is struggling to find its ground.

“The products that win are those that can differentiate themselves from the masses,” Clifton A. Pemble said in an interview. Garmin virtually has wearables and trackers for all possible events from $70 to even $1,500 and everything in between. These wearables help everyone from amateur fitness enthusiasts to professional athletes in their everyday lives as well as intense training sessions.

Products by Garmin were never meant to be paired with any specific type or model of smartphone to get the most out of them and this has been going on for than a decade now. Contrary to that, Smartwatches by Apple were marketed as luxury items originally which required an iPhone to be paired with. This is obviously changing as Apple also has evolved the Apple Watch as a standalone product which could prove very beneficial for health and fitness tracking. Apple watch series 4 comes with many impressive health features including the functionality of performing electrocardiography. It can also detect any symptoms of major conditions related to heart and cardiovascular system in general. This doesn’t stop here as Apple is working on making this watch more independent of iPhone by launching an app store for it.

Even after so much investment by Apple, Garmin is still taking the lead as it has established itself as the ultimate brand for fitness wearables and it CEO believes the innovative concepts in Garmin deserve all the credit for it.

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