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Do you want to know the secret behind Gear S2’s battery?

The launch of Samsung Gear S2 at IFA, in Berlin has gotten a great deal of consideration from experts and fans alike. The watch received mostly positive reviews from a majority of the critics and some clients too. We previous reviewed this watch here.

Samsung has made huge advancement in smartwatches, beginning with the first Gear S. However the new battery technology is the plus point.  Samsung actualized their own SDI free form battery technology. This permitted Samsung to pack a bigger battery in the Gear S2. This made Samsung worthy of the huge success and a big threat to Apple. Apple will be stunned with Samsung’s fast approach towards great battery life, first.


It was speculated that the Gear S2 would support a 200 mAh battery. This would have been the battery capacity if they would have used a regular rectangular battery. Rather, Samsung decided to implement their freestyle technology. This allowed a 250 mAh inside the Gear S2 by using space substantially more productively than a normal battery.

Samsung SDI began working on the new battery technology in December a year ago. The large scale manufacturing began this August. The development finished in April.

Samsung wouldn’t have been able to use a 250 mAh battery inside Gear S2 without the freestyle battery. It gives an advantage in the market even though the capacity is lower than the Gear S. The battery limit of Gear S was 300 mAh.

This technological innovation is definitely a great step from Samsung. If we see the specifications of the watch it is definitely something. The watch has received good reviews among the experienced masses like experts, critics’ etc. So, Even if the watch fails to impress audiences, the greater battery limit will leave an imprint on our minds.

Also, this battery power is definitely a very big threat to other smartwatch manufacturers like Apple, Motorola and Sony. They will have to come up with something big in order to divert the attention of the people from Gear S.

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