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Do You Think You Can Shape The Future Of Boxing Training? PunchLab Is Here to Make it Happen!

Punchlab is a first of its kind app that brings punching bags to life making them interactive and help you keep track of your workouts.

There is one goal: to have every punching bag be connected to PunchLab. Forget all those complicated, heavy on the pocket devices used to track boxing workout sessions, PunchLab is here with an easy but dynamic mobile app.

The App uses your smartphone’s technology to note, calculate and react to the punches thrown at the punching bag.


How this app works is also what makes it so amazing while staying uncomplicated. A phone strap with the smartphone in it is attached to the bag, and every strike made therein is then noted and detected by the help of phone’s motion sensors.

PunchLab computes and presents to you the statistics of your session, but that’s not all this app has to offer. In the bigger picture, the App is designed to provide interactive workout sessions by top trainers around the world, directly on to your punching bag. So for all those who don’t have access to a trainer or coach shouting at them to push harder, PunchLab now has you covered!



Workouts: Each and every round of the training session, like those seen on treadmills, has an intensity profile. If you fall short of your target intensity, the App will penalize you.

Freestyle: It is supposed to keep running in the background as the athlete carries out their workout routine. Live and between-rounds feedback and statistics are shown.

Combinations: The App can adjust difficulty and timings based on the skill range of the boxer.

Intervals: The App does two things in each interval side by side, that is works as a timer, and notes and displays the number and intensity of the strikes thrown.

Reaction: This computes your reaction-time.

Quoting Nicolo, co-founder of PunchLab:

“When people try virtual reality for the first time, you can generally see their faces changing expression. PunchLab gets the same ‘wow effect” on fighters: they trained at the punching bag for years, and all of a sudden, they see there is a whole new level of it.”


In this way, PunchLab provides an opportunity for gyms to create a proper facility at almost no cost, They can produce their own routines and schedule the sessions, hence making specific routines based on the athlete’s skill level. The users just have to download the App, and track their statistics while training. Also, for people who train alone at home or at the gym, PunchLab gives them the same experience as they would get with a professional trainer, while keeping track of their records.

“Try to shoot a target while blind-folded: no matter how hard you try, you just can’t! If you don’t measure what you’re doing, you will never get better at it. That’s what PunchLab is for boxing”, says Valerio, inventor and co-founder of PunchLab.

And that’s exactly what the App is doing. The team is already working on newer features including: leaderboards, online virtual “fights”, and a marketplace for sessions, where trainers can create specific routines for customers.


Stefania, the Head of Marketing stated:

“We are just getting started and the future looks bright. It’s time to give fighters the technology they deserve and do to combat sports what Runtastic did to running.”

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