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Do you think “Angel-the first open health sensor” will be true to its name?


Angel, the first wearable health sensor designed to be open, surfaced on the Indiegogo a year ago. Angel is a simple wristband which will monitor your heart-rate, calories, steps, skin temperature and sleep. The device will also gauge the blood oxygen level tracking so that you are never low with this live saving component.

The device successfully raised $334,000 from the campaign which closed on November 2013. To the dismay of many, the device has been in the manufacturing and production stage since then. But, the Angel wearable started shipment just last month. The impatient audience and backers’ took a sigh of relief when the wearable came to their hands but the reviews were mixed. There were many immature bugs that need immediate attention.

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Angel is designed with keeping multi-dimensional usages and objectives in mind. Nowadays, all the fitness and activity trackers run on a single app and provide you with only one point of view. The company has attentively designed some effective communication protocols like API/SDK and sensor data streams on this one platform. This means that you will have different app choices to choose from.

Angle has been fitted with various accurate sensors that will provide you with data related to physical activities and heart rate, skin temperature etc. It is the only sensor which will keep developers updated with a raw-data within no time. This implies that the sensor will be compatible with various popular apps like Strava, Wahoo Fitness, Endomondo, RunKeeper, and many others.

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The company has just announced its new fitness tracker named as the Angel Sensor M1. This device has all the above mentioned signature features of Angel and a sleek and simple design. The device also has a Lua engine which hosts the code onboard the wrist band.

The company is currently interested in getting the FDA approval so the band gets the title that it can also be used for sports and medical purposes . Not only will sports club benefit from this kind of sport wearable device, by researches, developers and health experts will benefit as well as it provide opportunities to customize, configure and integrate to their existing system..


Angel’s designer and the co-founder of Seraphim Sense Ltd., Eugene Jorov, analyzed the above mentioned details;

“The original Angel Sensor is our flagship product, yet it simply hasn’t been hitting the streets fast enough in order to make a meaningful impact on mobile health. Our main concern was that, although our first product was slick and thin, it was also devilishly challenging to manufacture. Our main pain concern was silicone and that’s what we simplified.” 

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Angel’s new M1 is still in the development phase, but the developers and other medical professionals can benefit, as soon as, it hits the market.




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