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Divers Use G-shock Connected App in Casio GWF-A1000 Frogman Watch

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Nowadays, divers Use G-shock Connected App in Casio GWF-A1000 Frogman Watch. This new watch has become a divers’ dream watch!

The G-Shock Connected App is connected on the Frogman via Bluetooth. This connection gets activated with a simple click on a button. The best news is, that the G-Shock App is available for both, Android and iPhone users.

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Very well designed and systematic, it has an easy way to change the existing features of the watch. Also, Dive related features become more manageable.

For divers, this app has a built-in dive log feature. Also,it can add a tide point measurement location if need be. Press the button for a while and the watch goes into Dive Mode. Now the two hands of the clock move to 12 o’clock placement. The time swaps to the World Time subdial. When the dive begins,the seconds hand starts moving. Then the other hand too. The total time taken is shown collectively as both hands move together.

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Moreover, as dive sequence stops the second’s hand goes in reverse to measure surface interval time. This data gets saved in the app. The user can then add their location, photos, and information like depth, temperature, and soon. Divers Use G-shock Connected App with much ease. The Dive Mode and Dive Log are really simple to use. Initially, some training is needed to learn your way across the system.


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The good news is that the bezels on the display allow the time to be noted even in the dark! Once the connection is made to the app, it remains constant unless you choose to deactivate it. The bad news is, it will drain your battery power!