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Divelux Underwater Snorkel Mask Gadget – See everything like a fish



The Divelux Underwater Snorkel Mask Gadget will allow you to see everything like a fish underwater. Snorkeling is an activity enjoyed by all. And this amazing gadget by Divelux will give you an ultimate snorkeling experience of a lifetime!

Unlike other snorkeling masks and gadgets, this one by Divelux does not lead to any inconvenience. Why? This gadget uses Dry Snorkel Technology. Lined with liquid silicone, the edges of this mask are completely sealed. This prevents water from going inside the mask or breathing tube. Presence of two separate breathing chambers for the nose and mouth ensures water does not clog in at all.  Hence, there is no fogging to cause reduced visibility. The air passes through these chambers and out of the mask directly. Air does not stay there to fog up the vision. This effective air intake system allows the diver to dive till 10 feet underwater level without worrying that water will go in the mouth or nose.


Also, the mask is capable of providing a 180 degrees panoramic wide view to the user. You can experience an unhindered view of the absolute without worrying about breathing issues or the water reaching  your face! Unlike suction pumps, this Divelux Underwater Snorkel Mask Gadget stays firmly at one place on your face without moving here and there. Moreover, it guarantees full water resistance.

The snorkel mask can be used by men and women alike, the user has to just look for the perfect fitting size. Just measure the distance between the bridge of your nose and the bottom of your chin and buy the appropriate size. Divelux comes in three sizes:

  • XS less than 10 cm (< 3.9″)
  • S/M – up to 12 cm (4 – 4.8″)
  • L/XL – more than 12 cm (> 4.8″)


Divelux snorkel mask comes with handy ebook titled ‘Top Places for diving in the USA’ and a smart waterproof case for your smartphone. Also, the producers offer free repairs or replacements for upto 18 months after sale. You can buy or simply view the item on Amazon here. 



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