Ditto is a universal notifier that keeps you informed!


Enter a cafe and everybody is looking down. Enter a train station and you see a similar scenario. More waiting means more screen time. How to break away the bars of such an imprisoned mind ? How to get the real face time than the ‘FaceTime’?

Ditto by Simple Matters is the solution. No, it is not the sought after purple pokemon that evolves into different shapes. But much better. A tiny device that can be connected via Bluetooth will notify you of important calls, messages, events, news, even alarms. It will free you of unimportant notifications and give you more non screen time. And you never have to charge it.

Ditto Lifestyle

Ditto is for everyone. For the sports lovers, Ditto offers the peace of mind of being in the game and yet be connected to the digital world. For the physically impaired, Ditto will transfer the notifications to the sense of touch.

The clip-on-universal-notifier connects from 100 ft away, is waterproof and works both with ioS and Android phones and tablets. The vibration pulse can be customized making it distinctive for specific contacts or events through its free app. The battery lasts for months so you don’t have to charge it daily!

Ditto Three ColorsThe ultra lightweight wearable is available in black, white and clear at both: online and at selected retailers including Amazon for $39.95.


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