Thursday, December 2, 2021

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Developing a Health and Fitness Tracking Wearable Will Not Be a Problem for Amazon

According to multiple reports, Amazon is considering the possibilities of entering the business of smart wearables for health and fitness.

According to health experts, this move is not really a surprise. This move will not only help Amazon in expanding  its business even more but also it will also help it in understanding its customers even better. Even though, this market is already very jam-packed with products ranging from smart watches and wrist bands to patches and thumb nails. All these products cover different price ranges for all age groups. So all in all, Wearable market has already all corners covered with big companies like FitBit, Apple and other big brands and penetrating this market is not going to be one bit easy.

All things considered, if any brand can penetrate this market it has to be Amazon. Reports have suggested that Amazon is planning to launch wearables with capabilities of judging emotional states based on the voice of the user. So far this may only be a concept as a lot of amazon projects never become available for general public.

Stepping into the business of smart wearables will help Amazon in gathering a brand new kind of information about its consumers and general market trends. Amazon has no problem in gathering information about health and fitness from it consumers from the patterns of their shopping as it has been selling glucometers, over-the-counter medicine and a lot of other health and fitness products for quite some time now.

“Health wearables have the potential to become as essential to consumers as the iPhone, and Amazon may soon be competing with Apple as they both increase their focus on health care,” said Bill Evans.

Bill is the managing director of  a health technology investment and research firm called Rock Health.

Its not a matter of ‘if’ anymore, but ‘when’. Amazon will surely enter the wearables market  soon and it may have to go through a lot of trouble while doing so but all these trouble aren’t something you can’t expect them to address.

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