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Delta Gloves – Giving real time insights into your workout

The Delta Gloves by PureCarbon are the first training gloves which can track weight lifted in addition to your exercises, reps and sets when you work out. Delta Gloves make it easy to review your previous performance and use that information to customize workouts in order to help you in reaching your goal. The gloves include printed pressure sensors which detect weight lifted and provide advanced analytics like velocity, power and explosion.

The Delta Gloves also review history of specific exercises you do and compare different workouts by comparing your power outputs. You can use artificial intelligence system to build customized workouts tailoring to you or syncing with your personal trainer and let their expert opinion guide you. The user will receive in-ear notifications at the end of sets or rest periods. They can also get tips on technique and proper form.

Delta Gloves can be used with free weights and machines. When you are working out, you can also select audio feedback in order to hear a countdown of your current reps and get guidance through your exercise. You can also keep tabs on how many push-ups can you do in one minute by setting the timer and letting the Delta Gloves count your reps for you. Once you are done, you can see your power output and can also do comparison as mentioned above.

The SmartSense pressure sensors in the gloves are used in gloves to detect weight lifted when performing an exercise. Weight recognition in the gloves is not a scale on hands, instead, algorithms were created off of the unique patterns of weight recognition when paired with each exerciser. This reduces errors due to grip strength and improves the algorithms for exercise recognition.

Delta Glove’s puck includes an accelerometer and gyroscope which allows it to identify unique patterns for each exercise. The Delta Gloves come in various sizes and colors.

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