Monday, January 17, 2022

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Data from Sports Wearable. Who owns?

With more and more sporting clubs using wearable to track the fitness level of the players on and off the pitch, an interesting question around legal owner of the data arises.

Have these clubs being smart enough that when they started asking players to wear wearable like the one listed here, they got the players to sign the contract on the ownership of the data? If yes, what if players start realizing the value of the data and reject the idea of club owning the data? What if players then decide to have their own wearables and use the data to sell themselves to another club?  Or perhaps, the players have the right over the data? If that is the case, could this be used to increase player value at the time when they transfer from one club to another? Is the data transferable from one system to another?

When the ownership is discussed, the privacy also need to be discussed. When a player joins a club, does he give the club the ownership to store and use his/her valuable data such as speed and movement? Or should the player have the ownership of the data? The privacy was also discussed in detail in a technology conference held in Toronto (read more here)

Thirdly, the idea of manipulating a wearable? If the data collected from wearable gets so useful that it increases the players value, will we see a new trend of manipulating the data in the wearables? Are the sports governance bodies across the globe ready? Specially after the report from World Anti-Doping Agency recently, one would argue that they not only need to control the doping in sports but by 2030, a new agency to prevent data manipulation in wearable will be in action as well.

Some of these questions remain unanswered as of now but with wider adoptability of sports wearable, these questions will surely be answered.

So, what are your thoughts on privacy, manipulation and the ownership of the wearable data? Do you agree with author that it could be a growing problem in the future? Please comment.

Ali Yaqoob
Passionate about transforming data into science!

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