Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Data Charts of FitBit Devices See Reduced Physical Activity During First Quarter of 2020

FitBit revealed results of data collected from its smart wearable devices around the world which evidently show a major decline in physical activity around the globe due to Corona Virus pandemic. Most countries around the world saw reduced physical activity specially through mid February and early March of this year.

Date was collected from a catalogue of over 30 million FitBit users around the world by FitBit. As compared to data from last year around the same period, it was evident that weekly activity has reduced significantly including step counts, distance covered and work out routines.

These reports indicate that a great number of people are taking the pandemic seriously and not stepping out of their houses without any essential reason. Social distancing is being practiced and huge number of people are not having unnecessary interactions. However, this has left people with more time bring trapped at home and lack of activities. Most people are finding it difficult to adjust to this. Sleeping activity has also seen a huge surge in its graph.

This data is different for each country as each nation is taking different approach toward the pandemic. Some governments are taking more severe steps than others and some publics are being more cautious than others. Unsurprisingly, European countries have reported the largest reduction in recent days the virus has started to cause damage there in this time period.

Italy and Spain have seen biggest changes in out of all the European countries which is understandable considering the condition in these countries right now and implementation of lockdowns by government. The decline ranges from as little as 7% to as high as 38% decline in penultimate week of March this year. The activities in US have also reduced by 12% in this time period as well and from the prevailing situation, it is safe to assume that this trend will continue for next few weeks.

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