Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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DashTag providing deeper insights of your actual Sports performance!

DashTag is a Dutch based tech startup and it has announced the launch of its Sportsbot. Combined with it soccer-designed wearable, Dash, the Sportsbot enables any soccer player to engage with their personal stats. DashTag promises to give you deeper insights of your actual sports performance. Dash’s Sportsbot learns about your sports and how are you performing. It comes up with unique insights on how to improvise, compete in challenges, combat difficulties and checks up on your team as well.

This sophisticated sensor interactions are specially designed to wear for individual athlete in team sports. Seconds after your game has ended, it will tell you everything about your speed and sprints.

The best part of using DashTag is, you do not have to install any application. While the Dash measures highly accurate sprints during any training session or a match, the bot engages the user on a personal messenger platform like WhatsApp, Messenger or WeChat. Types of data captured and used include, peer-to-peer comparisons, training history, sprint stats, news update and weekly challenges. Powered by artificial intelligenece, DashTag communicates with players in a way that they are already familiar with popular video games like FIFA17 and FootballManager. The bot learns and gets smarter every time it is used.


Key features of DashTag includes:

  • Instant messaging from the Sportsbot after playing.
  • Highly accurate measuring including low, medium or high intensity sprints.
  • Player insights, challenges and comparisons.
  • FIFA like stats about each player
  • Soccer designed wearable, worn with no other additional accessory

DashTag is advancing the growing trend of non-professional athletes quantifying their performance and then improving it. Unlike high end, expensive performance tracking systems, DashTag focuses on the individual player, giving more enjoyable experience.

Moreover, Sportsbot is the entry to all your statistics. You will immediately know how to play, what your rankings are and what should you do in order to beat your opponent.

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