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Dash – A Tiny Sports Wearable Sensor!

Dash -The Tiny Sports Wearable Sensor With A New Experience

Are you a big sports fan? Or enjoy playing different sorts of sports with new experience and fun? Dash is the wearable sensor you will adore to have your hands-on. The Dash is a sensor that has promised to provide you with a whole new level of sports experience.

Dash - A Tiny Sports Wearable Sensor!

Dash is the wearable sensor that measures your every move, works to improve your skills and manages to make your gaming experience better than ever. The wearable is not restricted to any single sports; rather, its area of expertise spreads over a vast range of popular and underdog sports.

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In actual, the Dash wearable sensor provides you with an instant data regarding your speed during the game, distance covered and heart rate etc. Apart from measuring basic stuff like key performance data like distance & speed, for the first time ever it enables you to actually control the game of sports.

Dash - A Tiny Sports Wearable Sensor!

The connected app collects all your progress and other essentials and sends them to you in detail. The Dash app interfaces with the sensor take the data and displays it in a playful manner on leaderboards and score charts. You can also show your progress to your friends and also compare your results to the fellows’ through social media sharing.

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It is stated on their website that;

“We believe that the difference between good and great is that one extra step. You take it. We measure it.

Play incredible. Get DashTag.”

This is not all with the tiny Dash wearable sensor, there is much more to come. The company is working hard to prove its worth and to establish its upcoming wearable sensor in all the sports around the world. You check the generous efforts of the team and the promotion of the sensor with time here.


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