Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Dartmouth Smartwatch Prototype Moves Five Ways

Dartmouth College researchers are pushing boundaries in making wearable smartwatches even more convenient to wear and user friendly.

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The prototype which is being called “Cito” by the developers, built along with the University of Waterloo, offers a number of cool features and movements. It has the ability to hinge, rotate, rise and orbit as well as translate. Developers are planning to present the device at the ACM CHI Conference of Human Factors and Computing Systems, the most prestigious academic conference in the Human-Computer Interaction field at Colorado.

According to Xing-Dong Yang who happens to be an assistant professor at the University of Dartmouth, “Users want smartwatches that fit their lifestyles and needs.” Adding, “the Cito prototype is an exciting innovation that can give consumers even more great reasons to wear smartwatches.”

This rotating and moving smartwatch works in quite a different way. By turning around the wrist to face the user when the watch is facing the other way or unhinging and elevating to notify the user of a notification or even sliding out of the sleeve for the user’s convenience.

Xing-Dong Yang also said, “Consumers will question the need for smartwatches if the devices are just not convenient enough. Cito proves the true potential of smartwatches and shows that they can be functional and fun.”

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In the research paper the team wrote it also said, “We recognize that our work investigates a radical idea, but our hope is that we also show how a methodical and principled approach can explore any such radical visions.”

The device has yet to cover a lot of ground in terms of finishing and design and looks and with a skeptical approach towards the overwhelmingly smart smartwatches from the consumers let’s see where this Cito prototype will be in the future.

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