Early Breast Cancer detection using Cyracide Health Wearable Technology


Cyrcadia, Inc., also known as Cyrcadia Health, has come up with a beneficial wearable garmet for the ladies. The product line of the company is based on a device and software service that detects breast tissue abnormalities leading to health risk assessment and management including early breast cancer identification.

In order to proof the genuineness of the product, the company has performed three different clinical trials with over 500 participants. Cyrcadia is currently underway in a final, limited clinical trial and a 510k device classification to validate the product.

Cyrcadia Health Welcomes The Nationally Recognized Author and Sports Business Advisor Mandy Antoniacci

One in eight women in the U.S. are diagnosed with breast cancer annually, and approximately 500,000 women die worldwide from the disease each year, many due to lack of early detection. Cyrcadia Health’s wearable, smart phone-enabled iTBra technology uses a comfortable data collection device placed under a bra to collect from two to twelve hours of breast cell data (dynamic cell chaos). Circadian rhythm-based variances of cell cycles are then measured through a Cyrcadia-patented process to identify abnormalities at the earliest stages of cellular change over time, the results of which can be automatically communicated to the woman physician to provide the earliest possible diagnosis of breast cancer.

Mandy Antoniacci
Mandy Antoniacci

The 2016 Gold Edison Award winner in the category of Top Healthcare Wearable for early breast cancer screening technology has managed to add a big name to its following. Cyrcadia Health has announced the addition of Mandy Antoniacci to serve as sports business adviser and women’s health advocate for Cyrcadia. In her role at Cyrcadia, Antoniacci will help to lead the communication of Cyrcadia’s vision to empower women to take control of their own breast health knowledge through wearable devices, such as Cyrcadia’s iTBra™, and to improve their understanding of breast cancer. Antoniacci in a press release stated:

“The iTBra for me represents the ultimate convergence of my personal and professional life. I have such a strong family history of breast cancer, including my mother, aunt, great aunt and even my own benign lumpectomy when I was 21 years old. This deep-rooted relationship with the disease, coupled with my business acumen in the sports business landscape, presents a rare and blessed opportunity for me.”

Cyrcadia Health Welcomes The Nationally Recognized Author and Sports Business Advisor Mandy Antoniacci

According to Antoniacci, the growth in the wearable tech sector in women’s health, in particular, has progressed astronomically and will continue to do so at an exponential pace. “The data we are now able to capture will only further aid to empower women and help us regain the loss of control that we often feel when we are confronted with a health issue.”

“Wearable device companies are looking at all of the critical imperatives for health and wellness – activity level, sleep, nutrition – and the connection to chronic disease (diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and more) that impact global populations,” said Antoniacci. “But the iTBra and this technology amplify that notion to a whole different level. On the business side of things, that excites me tremendously!”

Cyrcadia Health Welcomes The Nationally Recognized Author and Sports Business Advisor Mandy Antoniacci

Cyrcadia Health is initially targeting the 40% of women who have dense breast tissue. 28 states now mandate that physicians tell their patients that they have a dense breast condition, therefore, a higher propensity for cancer and that the current diagnostic modalities are challenged with their condition in which the tissue itself can mask cancer cells and lesions. Additionally, Cyrcadia intends to be a supplementary screening solution for those 70 percent of the population that undergo biopsies on non-cancerous tissue resulting from mammographic referral, representing over 1.2 million biopsies for women on non-cancerous tissue annually.

“It is an honor and privilege to participate in the growth of a product that is truly the only life-changing wearable for women of its kind,” said Antoniacci. “Together, we can positively affect countless women and change the trajectory of my own personal and familial experiences. The ability to help lead that movement is something very special to me.”

Let’s see how Antoniacci role affects the marketing of the much popular yet beneficial wearable tech for women!