Monday, January 17, 2022

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The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button AI Camera

Benjamin Button is the new in town artificial intelligence based wearable camera which is designed for both parents and children alike. It automatically picks up the best moments to capture and best clicks for you to later on view.

The Benjamin Button artificial intelligence wearable camera aims an unobtrusive and clear footage while snapping. It uses the software that detects motions and sounds and even recognizes the faces of family members from strangers through its facial recognition feature.

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The specs of camera are as follows: The camera can record for up to 4 hours, a high quality footage of 1080p and resolution of 25fps. It comes with a waterproof casing so that it is safe from the mishaps of children. It doesn’t have WiFi or Bluetooth purely due to the health concerns of the parents towards their children. So in order to view the images and videos one needs to connect the device to the computer separately through a USB-C Connector. This USB connector also helps in charging the device. Moreover, an app is also available so that people can view and select the best pictures themselves instead of going for the device’s selections. The device will be available in variable funky colors.

As it is still in the testing phase, it is debatable whether the device will perform as it is supposed to. The project is up on Kickstarter and need your support.

Shipping is expected later in December with a discount of a good chunk 70% off on the eventual retail price of the device.

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