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Courtmatics: Your Tennis Coach

Smart tennis racket dampener which enhances your game and tracks your performance.

It is a user-friendly device which connects with any racket to give you an instant feedback and improve your performance from every aspect of the game.

Not only does it give you feed back and information about your game, But it also suggests ways to improve any type of shot you play or get rid of any type of mistakes you make.

It also monitors your footwork and movement on the pitch to make your game flawless.

To improve your game, you must get rid of the mistakes you are making. And first step towards preventing mistakes is knowing them properly and thoroughly. Practicing with Courtmatics helps you to get rid of these silly mistakes you make during the game and helps you to play as perfectly and flawlessly as possible

Instant advices are given by Courtmatics app to boost your game on the spot. Set up your profile and manage it properly to record and study your data and get instant tips and suggestions to make your game better. It also tracks your progress over time so that you could know at what rate you are improving your game to keep you motivated.

Courtmatics App’s easy and user-friendly user-interface helps you to read and study your game easily. The data is compiled efficiently and is easy to understand so that you could know which aspect of your game still has a room for improvement as easily as possible without any unnecessary effort.

Courtmatics also helps you to avoid injuries like tennis elbow by monitoring the tension in the strings and letting you know when they need replacement. For instance, It notifies you whenever the strings are too dead and are not giving you adequate ball control.


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