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Coros Linx is a smart cycle helmet thats come with a handlebar controller and an app

Coros Wearable Inc, a startup that aims to make high-tech sports gear has been working with a Chinese bike gear supplier to introduce a device, Coros Linx to the market. Coros Linx has already been designed, tested and developed though the company will launch the product via KickStarter in the next few hours to get some good early adopters and tech enthusiasts.



  • The helmet connects wirelessly to the smartphone thus allowing you to listen to music, take phone calls, hear navigation and talk to fellow riders using a walkie-talkie kind of system.
  • The audio is audible via the conduction technology which safely channels the audio without compromising the ride awareness.
  • A precision and wind-resistant microphone is attached to a strap for clear communication.
  • Using Corox app, you can set routes and directions for the helmet to navigate and alert you to the direction.
  • The product features an emergency Alerts system that sends a text message in case a crash or fall is detected.
  • Handlebar controller is part of the ecosystem and comes with the helmet. It lets you perform tasks like adjust volume and skip tracks using simple buttons.
  • Aerodynamic design with the usual foam strip lining and adjustable straps.
  • The wearable is designed for all weather. It is rain, water, splash and sweat resistant.

Battery Life

The Coros Linx has a rechargeable lithium battery and will give 10+ hours of play/talk time. LED light indicates low battery and can be charged via mini-USB.


The retail price will be about $200. If you are sold already, you can head to KickStarter to get one for $100 USD.


For those, concerned about the weight of the helmet, the Coros has managed to pack all the tech in the helmet that weighs around 400 grams (impressive)

Color and Size

The helmet comes in three colors i.e White, Black or Red and is available in two different sizes (medium and large)

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