Tuesday, September 19, 2023

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Convert you watch into Smartwatch with Main Tool Straps!

Main Tool Straps; Convert you watch into Smartwatch

You would have heard about number of multi-functional Smartwatches. But, this would be the first time perhaps that you are hearing about a watch strap with features greater than that of Smartwatch.

The straps I am talking about are by Main tool. The straps which can make every watch, Smartwatch! The best part of the straps is that, regardless of the fact, they do not fall into the standard category of wearable tech. It means that they are no Smartwatch, Smart Jewelry or some other typical wearable. Rather they are simple straps with not so simple features; which are not even the part of wearables nowadays. Neither do, these straps make your watch look unconventional or ugly.

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Main Tool Straps; Convert you watch into Smartwatch

The main features of the wearable include heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, skin temperature gauging, ambient temperature and sleep tracking etc. It successfully measures your step taken, calories burned and systematically analyze your sleep cycles to improve your sleeping habit.

Through vibrations, you will also be informed with upcoming notifications regarding alarms, text messages or emails. The strap also has a hidden smart button, which can reject your calls with a single tap. On the battery front, the strap has got the massive battery life of 20 days. It can save and store your data for this period without getting any power.

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Main Tool Straps; Convert you watch into Smartwatch

On the design front, Main tool has rather been modern and fashionable. The company claims that most modern and multi-purpose sensors have been used in the manufacturing of the straps to ensure its durability and best performance.

Also, the straps are customized according to the needs of each watch. This way, no watch will lost its essence and will still be converted into a super watch. For now, the straps are available in pure leather, but the company intends to produce them in rubber/silicon, metal, ceramic, and textile too.

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A Smartphone app would be coming soon. Through which you can connect easily with all the data that will be gathered by the straps. The app would be interactive and can be easily used.

This is all we know about the Main tool for now. The innovation itself seems to be quite inspiring and attractive. We will update you with more, as soon as we get further information.

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