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In Conversation With CEO And The Brainchild behind “MAGICOACH”

MAGICOACH is the 1st Football GPS with Mobile App and is one of its kind. In order to inform more about this novel and unique product with the users, we had a mini chit-chat session with the masterminds behind the product!

Startups are taking the lead in sports wearable. The aim of this series is to let CEO’s introduce their products

Magicoach is the first football GPS wearable, how is it different
than the other football wearables available?

We are the first GPS technology that is available and affordable for everyone, from the amateur player in his friendly games to the semi-professional teams with low budget.

Our GPS equipment are designed for specific use on playing football and are 10 times cheaper than similar equipment available in market, that normally rounds 1.000€ per unit.

Magicoach GPS has 5 hour battery autonomy; dimensions that allow the players to feel perfectly comfortable (51x32x15mm); less than 1.5 meter error; data transfer via Bluetooth and connectivity to hear-rate band measurement.

Additionally, our technology allows everyone to have a look on the technology by downloading the free app for Android or iOS and to try it on any mobile phone with internal GPS Tracking system.

Is your product backed by a scientist/researcher/expert or has gone through rigorous scientific verification?

Prototyped technology was tested in professional clubs and hundreds of amateur players. 83% of the users were positively impressed and 64% would like to use again.

The product went through several phases before reaching the present stage. The technological viability were certified by 1 year of testing from a recognized Portuguese PhD in Sports, 6 months testing in professional Portuguese top league team and showcased to 4 professional top league coaches and to the Analytics department of one of the major Portuguese team. The practical viability was certified by 2 years of beta-testing with 200 amateur players and showcased to several field owners, amateur leagues and youth academies that showed interested in developing exclusive features that fit their needs.

 Is Magicoach currently under-test by any professional team or athlete?

Test phase is finished. We, now, have in our pipeline some commercial opportunities with Portuguese and English semi-professional teams and American youth academies.

What is the most beneficial thing about this product that makes it appealing for the larger sports audience?

First of all, the diversity of analysis included in our user-friendly interface that allows any player or coach to have full data of a football game without cables for data transfer and without a specialized technician to provide a final report.

Magicoach already gives to the user the final report, with maps, tables and full statistics of the game they’re just player and check the game-to-game evolution of this data. Our market is global. Every football player or team can free try and adopt our product. GPS tracking in football is no longer affordable only for big structures and clubs.

What you, as a company, plan to introduce in future? Any new product or further advancement to Magicoach?

We are developing new features that will increase our proposition value to users. Elite players data like Ronaldo and Messi will be available so the users can compare themselves with the best. Besides that, we will add features like Animated Trajectories that will replay the players movements during the game like the ones we see in video games..

Several clubs and youth academies showed interest in developing some tailor-made analysis and in some cases, if we see value to commercialize it, it will become available for the generic public also.

What are your market expectations with the wearable?

A: Our Indiegogo campaign is running until 20th November. The campaign is giving us a lot of feedback, which was the main reason of starting this campaign. Several contacts are reaching us with inquiries and questions for developing tailor-made solutions to their needs.

Our market expectation is to scale-up the GPS Unit sales to continue to support the cost reduction and be a leader in transforming the experience of the 250 Million football players worldwide.

Here is the complete information regarding the product:

MAGICOACH – The 1st Football GPS with Mobile App

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