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CONDUIT Sports – World’s first unified in/off-ear headphones

CONDUIT Sports are the first headphones in the world to combine in-ear and off-ear bone conducting sound in a unified device. Their patent-pending technology allows users to block out the world and hear only the music at the same time. Users can use stellar sound wherever they are, no matter what they are doing.

CONDUIT Sports uses off-ear bone conduction technology to send sound waves via bones to your inner ears and during this mode of listening, ear canal is left completely free so that music is audible to you, along with every other noise around you. With frequency ranges of 20Hz to 20kHz and expert equalization from Australia’s best audio engineers, users will love each second of their listening experience.

CONDUIT Sports are made with on-board world earphones, equalized and fine-tuned by Australian audio experts, powered by 7.8mm dynamic drivers. CONDUIT Sports are Bluetooth 4.2 compatible and work wirelessly with your favorite phone apps. Volume and multifunction buttons are in easy reach so you can easily pause, move between the songs, answer and end calls, and also use voice commands without disturbing your workout. CONDUIT Sports has a battery life of 6 hours. Moreover, it has a lightweight titanium frame and IP55 certification against sweat, dust and rain. It has in-ear listening for the times you need it with inbuilt magnetic proximity sensors, all you have to do is unplug the earphones and sound will automatically transfer from the off-ear to in-ear speakers. Sound transfers back as soon as the earphones are anchored again. It can also be controlled by the multi-function button.

CONDUIT Sports are designed so that earphones are not only unobtrusive but extremely stable, their anchors being centered on the back of your head. Unlike many regular sports earphones, the ear tips would not pop out as you run, jog, sprint or hit the basketball court.

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