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Concussion Reporting In Youth Sports Has Risen Up 500%, States FAIR Health

Concussion In Youth Sports Has Risen Up 500%, States FAIR Health

A concussion is a major setback for athletes in sports. Wearables have been playing their part in eradicating this menace, especially from the professional sports like MLB, NBA, and NFL. However, FAIR Health’s study is something we cannot ignore at all. The study suggests that the alarming rate in which concussion is still affecting the youth players the USA is quite worrying.

The study is an extensive research on concussion, its diagnosis and the way it is turning out to be a serious danger for male and female athletes. The study managed to grasp a very drastic fact that concussion reporting for people under the age of 22 rose 500 percent from 2010 to 2014.

The mission of the FAIR Health is to bring transparency to healthcare costs and health insurance information. This study was conducted based on healthcare insurance claims 2007-2015, ages 0-22 years.

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Concussion In Youth Sports Has Risen Up 500%, States FAIR Health

The study has also revealed that the highest number of concussion prevalence has occurred between the months of September and October every year. The reason behind the rise in rate is due to the significance of these two months as it is the youth football season around the US. High School children are more vulnerable to concussion. The age between 15 and 18 was diagnosed with about 46 percent of concussion rate. Moreover, the research also reported that boys are most prone to get concussions but in Pennsylvania, girls are diagnosed at a slightly higher rate.

The statistics and the research provided by the FAIR Health study are alarming as it shows that the most popular sports are causing the most damage. Various studies have also suggested concussions and its effects on the athletes. Football is the game with the largest number of concussions every year. Hockey and soccer are just little behind.

Wearables have been playing their part in preventing the players from getting affected by concussions. Windpact, Q-Collar, ShockBox, Hiji Band and many other mouthguards, catcher’s chest protectors, and soccer headbands are helping the youth players. Let’s hope that the FAIR Health study proves to be helpful and beneficial for the players next time. For now, just grasp this bad news!

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