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Cocona’s 37.5 Technology Increases Athletic Performance, Proves Study!

As per different researches and studies, if you are able to maintain your body temperature to normal throughout the workout no matter how intense it is, then you performance will theoretically increase. However, the actual problem lies within the maintenance of the suggested temperature. But, 37.5 Technology might have an answer for you.

Cocona’s 37.5 Technology claims to have a solution for your body temperature problems. The company has announced the results of the study mentioned above. The blind university study was based on thermoregulation of the workouts. The athletes involved in the study even reached 85% of their maximum heart rate during the exercise sessions.

Cocona’s 37.5 Technology Increases Athletic Performance, Proves Study!

The study used three different cases to find out the effects of cooling the human body with the help of physiological indicators. The process included athletes wearing t-shirts from different popular brands, a 37.5 brand t-shirt, along with ice vest and sleeves.

The study was administered by the Physiologists Benjamin Ryan, Jesse Goodrich, Professor William Byrnes, and Eric Homestead at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The major intention of the study was to aim towards the collection of data based on skin temperature, carbon dioxide output, core temperature, oxygen intake, blood levels and sweat rate.

Declaring the results of the study, Dr. Gregory Haggquist, Cocona’s founder and chief technology officer and the inventor of the patented 37.5 technology, stated:

“Now that the study is public we’re excited to be able to talk about the results. When we see data that shows you can improve an athlete’s performance by 26 percent at their lactate threshold, it’s pretty remarkable. To get that kind of increase in efficiency just by changing your shirt fabric is unprecedented.”

Cocona’s 37.5 Technology Increases Athletic Performance, Proves Study!

The study also scientifically proved that the mentioned technology improves the performance of the individuals, lowers the core temperature of the athletes’ body during exercise, decreases the rate of the temperature build up and also increases the efficiency of the workouts. This means that if you deal with intense exercises or activities which shoot your temperature up, then this wearable will help you keep your temperature to the average.

This 37.5 technology could be able to make your training sessions and workout times a lot easier than ever. The clothing items range from ice skates to fly fishing waders. Just where these clothes and you will be less drilled than before!

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