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Cloud Rupture’s Swingchronicity Is Your Ultimate Virtual Reality Golf Coach


Like all other sports, golf has also been accepting technological advancements at a sleek pace. Many startups are developing new products to make this game more precise, professional and enjoyable for the fans.

At a recent tech event in Belfast, Northern Ireland, sports startup Cloud Rupture displayed its state of the art VR prototype which will help golf enthusiasts improve their swing.

Though other startups have also been aiming to facilitate golf with their VR ventures, hands down Cloud Rupture has won the race for now. Known as Swingchronicity, their VR prototype, with its immersive experience, will provide a full 3D arch of a golfer’s swing in real-time. It will help golf clubs and coaches help golfers improve their game skills.

Once the users wear the headset to experience the virtual golf course, its controllers can measure club head speed, club face angle, club head path, position of impact and angle of attack while taking swings. The user can also walk around the 3D angle of the ball’s flight path virtually to analyze the swing more precisely. It also has a virtual audio coach for feedback on performance and areas of improvement.

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According to the Cloud Rupture CEO Brendan McCourt, “It is a totally immersive experience and we’re giving people something they’ve never had before – the ability to make that swing and walk around it –while the coach will be able to help you improve your golf. Eventually some wealthy golfers will be able to take it home but initially it is a business to business product for golfing coaches.”

The company needs an investment of $300,000 or more for their gig. It has already generated $23,000 from pre-sale commitments from its prospective customers.

Once Could Rupture completes this project successfully, it seeks to expand its operations into other sports to and also expanding to a more commercial and individual customer level.

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