Thursday, February 9, 2023

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Clippers CourtVision Manages to Win a Prestigious Award in Sports Business

The clippers continue to revolutionize off the field.

National Basketball Association Awards are due to be held on 24th June this year but the Los Angeles Clippers have managed to bag an honor already for how much they have done as a franchise outside the playing field.

CourtVision by Second Spectrum and Clippers, which made its debut in this season, is an innovative new technology which takes the game watching experience to another level. This revolutionary technology changed the way of enjoying the game by introducing augmentation in it. This all has was enough to convince the jury to present it with Best in Sports Technology Award in Sports Business Awards.

CourtVision not only allows the fans to enjoy the matches in different modes but also includes some added features like shooting percentages in real times, play diagrams, animations and augmentations etc.

Steve Ballmer, the owner of the franchise, has been overlooking this project for about five years now since 2014.

“CourtVision was among the first grand ideas. This honor will inspire us to come up with more.” Said Gillian Zucker, while accepting this award. Gillian is the President of Business Operations at Clippers.

Franchise owners all over the league have displayed the level of their ineptitude by interfering more than they should in smart products for basketball, being uncaring towards staff members, or not putting in enough investment to actually build the competition. Ballmer, however, is anything but that. He huge part of his focus has been on building the clippers. He has put in an unparalleled amount of effort for the franchise. His devotion has encouraged a lot of free agents to consider joining the LA Clippers as a good ownership can do a lot of help in the development of their career while a bad one can be just as much of a hinderance. The awards symbolizes the fact that Clippers have the right people in charge.

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