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ClearSky T6 – Flagship Activity Tracker

ClearSky T6 is an athlete tracking technology developed by Catapult Sports which focuses on physical and tactical performance of the players. It provides an unparalleled insight to both the players and the trainers on the potential of each individual on the team.

ClearSky is the leading technology of the industry which utilizes regionally planted sensors to provide a persistent fine quality data regardless of the environment of the performance.

The composite of remarkable integrated inertial, positional and event data recorded in real time makes ClearSky a belvedere which will increase the value of the judgments made at all steps of the game-play.

ClearSky has been separately validated by world’s paramount research institutes. It is evinced in various match situations throughout numerous sports which include football, rugby union, Australian rules, basketball and American football.


ClearSky Specs

Stated under are the specifications of ClearSky;

  • Accelerometers 3D: +/-2,4,8 or 16g range (selectable), up to 1000Hz sample rate with 100Hz default.
  • Magnetometers 3D: Up to 4800uT & up to 100Hz sample rate.
  • Real-Time Data: By using license-free ultra wideband up to 120 players simultaneously at 10Hz.
  • Wireless: Bluetooth connection for imbibing external wireless device connectivity.
  • Gyroscopes 3D: Up to 2000 deg/sec & up to 1000Hz sample rate with 100Hz default.

“From our experiences with ClearSky, we are very impressed by the accuracy of the positional data. In addition, with the integrated inertial sensor data (IMA) and portability of the system, ClearSky is ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor team sports,” said Matt Spencer, Associate Professor, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.

David Silverton, Head of Strategy, National Rugby League said, “This is a very exciting initiative for the game which will have significant benefits not only for our fans but for players as well. With this advanced technology, viewers will be able to access new insights into how the game is played and it will no doubt further highlight the unbelievable athletic qualities of the best of the best in rugby league.”


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