Classon : Tech Design for a Seamless Cycling Experience


Helmets protect our heads against deep injuries and prove to be a protective shell in case of any haphazard. Due to this and to the increasing number of injuries caused even after wearing helmets, more and more companies are trying their luck. Brooklyness has created a smart helmet, Classon, which has motion activated brakes, turn signals along with built-in bind sports alerts for safety and protection.

Classon has the purpose of providing a quick and eligible data to the cyclists in order to alert them with their surroundings. It also indicates what the wearer would be doing next to other cyclists and people around the round. In order to alert the users, the front and back camera of the helmet constantly scan the surroundings which are then interpreted with the help of Brooklyness’ algorithms. There is a non-disruptive light under the visor which blinks if traffic is approaching fast from the blind sports.

Classon : Tech & Design for a Seamless Cycling Experience

Gesture sensors read your natural movements and activate the turning lights. Indicate which way you are turning simply by using your hand signals. The sensors read your movement and activate your turning lights on the right or left side. Turn lights are located on the front and back of the Classon ensuring that you are visible to others. Similarly, brake lights turn on automatically when you reduce speed.

There are many other features like guided navigation, live-streaming of the cycle journeys and detailed protection etc. All these features are controlled by Classon Smartphone app. The app connects to the helmet and manages the settings and other video functions and features. All the functions assure that a rider feels safe and is actually safe when traveling or practicing for some sports event!

Classon : Tech & Design for a Seamless Cycling Experience

Manuel Saez, the founder of Classon, states that;

“Many people ride bikes occasionally, but few cycle on a daily basis, because of safety concerns. We wanted to create a helmet that would give cyclists the ability to ride without constantly worrying about being rear-ended”.

Classon has successfully managed to accomplish its target within the four days of launch. It is still up on Kickstarter with 26 days to go. The Smart helmet will cost you $99 on a simple and $199 for a complete package. The helmets are supposed to ship by April 2017.