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Circular Smart Ring Presales Launching February 27th 

Only at a price of 259 US dollars!

Very soon, Circular Smart Ring presales are launching on February 27th at a price of 259 US dollars. Presales will begin on Circular’s official website www.circular.xyz. Delivery will be done sometime between April and June 2022.
To inform all the readers, this new smart ring has new and innovative features with the capability of monitoring the user’s health and wellness. In fact, the company’s main aim is to meet the growing demand for health wearables and “democratize personal health”.
At CES 2022 at Las Vegas, Circular performed a successful event where they unveiled to the public their new upcoming gadget. Also, they announced how they will be coming up with more gadgets, smart wearables, and tech items in the following months.

“The CES 2022 visitors showed a great interest for our solution and we were happy to unveil our innovation to the public as well as the professionals for the second time. The Circular ring is a daily companion capable of tracking your health and activity metrics from wake time to bedtime. Circular will assist every user in their daily life to improve it, with easy-to-read insights and pertinent recommendations. The data can be easily transferred to a healthcare professional, the information remains strictly confidential” said Amaury Kosman, co-founder of Circular.

  • Lightweight, weighing only 4g
  • Waterproof (up to 5 m deep)
  • Customizable outer shells available in Black fit, Rose Gold, Silver and Gold
  • 7 different sizes are available
  • Battery life of up to 4 days
  • Charging capacity 45 min with a USB key
  • Presence of a vibrating motor that allows communication of the ring with the user via alerts, notifications, etc
The Circular smart ring comes with embedded sensors that are capable of detecting 142 metrics including heart rates variability, blood oxygenation, breathing rate, body temperature, and more. The ring can connect via Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android device, day and night.
The most competitive feature of the smart ring is that it does not provide just raw data but personal insights thanks to the accompanying app that includes a personal assistant.
Circular correlates every day and night metrics to give personalized recommendations that help users in making good decisions and responding to their body signals in a healthier way: better sleep, physical activities and heart recovery, health proactive monitoring to alert on diseases such as sleep apnea, etc.
As per a reminder, Circular Smart Ring Presales are beginning from the 27th of February 2022 at their website mentioned above. Sales prices are to be around US $259 approximately.
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