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ChemPhys Patch Is A Revolution In Athletic Wearable World

Athletes are now becoming aware of the presence of wearable tech and their advantages. This is why various companies, researchers etc are finding various ways to make this technology convenient than ever. However, we would never have thought that our clothes would be able to tell us about our health and wellbeing, but that is now going to happen.

ChemPhys Patch Is A Revolution In Athletic Wearable World

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have invented a new wearable device which will record electrical signals from the heart as well as the amount of lactic acid being produced. The device is currently in the prototype phase and is named as ChemPhys patch. The wearable is basically a small electronic board with a series of different sensors.

ChemPhys will be worn on the chest and it will be able to communicate to the other devices and analyze their data instantly.

The use of this device will be of great value as it will be able to help lots of people in different ways. First, it will help medical professionals and doctors to monitors patients health with the heart disease. Secondly, ChemPhys will also help athletes to improve their performance, and stay healthy and active. The team behind the wearable believes that the device would be of great use for the athletic purposes.

ChemPhys Patch Is A Revolution In Athletic Wearable World
Characterization Of ChemPhys Patch

Patrick Mercier, senior author of the research, in a statement said;

“One of the overarching goals of our research is to build a wearable tricorder-like device that can measure simultaneously a whole suite of chemical, physical and electrophysiological signals continuously throughout the day. This research represents an important first step to show this may be possible.” 

The researchers, in order to test the device, positioned three different sensors on a thin polyester sheet. The sheet had two separate electrocardiograms (EKG) sensors on the sides and the lactate detector at the center. The detector used a small voltage that measured the electric current passing through the body in order to measure the amount of lactate present in the muscles.

The team was able to get the sensors to work without interference by coating the EKG sensors in silicon. Each sensor work without any disruption from each other and at the same level as the other commercially available devices that measure only one signal.

ChemPhys Patch Is A Revolution In Athletic Wearable World

Additionally, ChemPhys is the first device ever which is capable of measuring both physiochemistry and electrophysiology, simultaneously. The device will come with lots of improvement in the final version. ChemPhys can prove to be a really helpful device as it will provide different measurements which will help the users to better understand their body. Thus, athletes and others who workout intensely will be able to know about their health and wellbeing, more efficiently.

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